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STRUTT..... “Everything Travel & Everything Handcrafted” !!

STRUTT is the Purveyor of the finest quality travel products. We are continuously building a collection of the coolest travel gear for making your trips Convenient & Fun!!

All of our products define the spirit of exploration & adventure. 

With the Simple Inventions & Not so Simple ones, STRUTT plans to transform your Journeys forever!!

Smart Packing Solutions!

 STRUTT aims to identify super cool Travel Products that will make your Packing easier & your Lugging a lot more convenient. We are bringing these options all together here - Just for you ! All products are manufactured in India(India - Country of Origin)

 We at Strutt handcraft all our products from the finest materials . Our superior craftsmanship and attention to detail is reflected in our commitment to enduring quality.

Who says you need to empty your pockets to build or buy a great product . Our team at Strutt believes in Providing phenomenal products at unbelievable prices.

You can find an opportunity wherever you see inconvenience . This is the Motto we use to Build , Design and Develop our Products . We address Convenience with one of a kind Designs Made and crafted in Superior Material.


Strutt is busy reinventing the Modern Travel Wheel with its range on Progressive and Innovative designs and the whole world is catching on. 

We truly believe that on every trip you take you should only be focusing on "Enjoying your journey, Taking in the views, Exploring locations, Feasting & everything else that gives you happiness." What you should Not be doing - struggling with your packing solutions or lugging travel bags. So we are building the most unique collection of Travel products and Travel solutions to help you Plan better, Pack better & Travel Better!

              We are busy “Redefining Travel” just for you !! 

              Happy Strutting !!