The Hippie in me landed at Mcleod to be mesmerised!

4/26/2021 2:23:27 PM (0)

The Trekker's paradise & a Hippie's favourite. The term "Ganj" in Persian means neighbourhood. The hill station was named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod. He was a Lieutenant Governor of Punjab. So, that's how this little Lhasa got its name. 

The driving distance from Delhi is long considering all the stops, but the ones who like road trips would definitely enjoy the drive. IF you are not big on road trips then you always have the option of flying - the closest airports are the Gaggal airport or the Kangra airport. Otherwise taking the train to Dharamsala is always an option.

There are lovely Tibetan hotels like Serkong house, hotel Tibet, Chonor house with proper Tibetan hospitality otherwise there hostels, branded hotels like the Fortune hotel and lovely Airbnb's.

The one thing that is amazing about Mcleod is that a lot of city dwellers from metros have settled there and opened quaint cafe's and places to eat with delicious food and a very comfortable ambience. Some noteworthy ones are - The Clay oven restaurant, Namgyal cafe, Morgans Place and favourites and famous are Jimmy's bakery & cafe and Shiva cafe.

Now even though Mcleod itself is very quaint but the treks one can take around is what attracts trekkers. Some of the more popular ones are Triund, Kareri river trek, Bhagsu trek, Indrahar Pass trek and the Kangra valley trek. It also houses some of the most beautiful camping sites. The clear sky over the snow-capped peaks makes star gazing one of the calmest things to do in Mcleodganj. Some of the other fun things to do are boating in the Dal Lake, Add to your Bizarre collection by shopping in the local markets, Visit museums and monasteries, paragliding options and yoga centres. 

This neighbourhood in the Dhauladhar Range range has so much to offer to the ones who are adventurous enough to explore. 

There is no Wifi in the forest, but I promise you, you will find better connectivity - "Shiva cafe"



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