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7/28/2020 1:19:40 PM (0)

Things are changing at a very fast pace. The Unexpected has taken over and everyone from the economist, to healthcare workers to, Scientist and the General Populous is coming up with their own predictions. We cannot tell who is more correct or who is more wrong, however, one thing that is coming out very clearly is that everyone is trying their best in Coping up with what is the NEW NORMAL.

Today priorities have changed, things we used to take for granted like basic health ailments have taken over. The kindness of not spreading the infection to others has taken over. People being more responsible for themselves and others around them is the latest version of what could have been a disaster if all would not have come together while maintaining a distance.

We as a People whenever pushed to the Precipice have always emerged victorious and our ability to evolve is what makes us stand above and beyond the rest.

The scary part is that there are a lot of unknown variables but the good news is that the variables that are known are easy to adopt. The even better news is that the practices we need to adopt are nothing but a healthier way of life. This too shall pass! And when it does the habits that we form today will leave us better healthier versions of ourselves.

Precaution is definitely better than cure. The precautions we need to take today are just great practice for a healthier tom. Let's see the things we can do:

- Make the mask part of your wardrobe. Essential and Must.

- Use a good quality sanitizer or hand-rub after touching anything external.

- Use the disinfectant on surfaces which may have had multiple touch points.

- Most importantly in my view is washing your hands as frequently as you can. Which is the most effective!

- Wear gloves in crowded places.

- Cough and Sneeze in style .. in your elbow – Like the very stylish Italian granny.

- Maintain a healthy distance with people around when we step out

Now while reading this I can only imagine you thinking how difficult this must be….. so much stuff, How to carry, where to carry, when to carry. It just sounds like a difficult proposition.

But to make it all very easy Strutt came up with Project Safety and compiled all the essential products in a very transparent easy to access Travel pouch called – HOPE!

The name sounds appropriate doesn't it for the times we are in today. HOPE will get us through!

So along with the very cool feature that the HOPE KIT has compiled, i.e everything you need to keep yourself and your surroundings safe it also comes in very practical sizes.

HOPE is easy to carry, compact to lug around and gives you complete access to turn healthy habits to essential everyday must do's

Now the best part, considering the effort that Strutt put into building the KIT is its Pricing and the fact that it is mind-blowing. One would think after so much effort and so many items in one place the product would be expensive, But the pricing they came up with is Phenomenally low, affordable, and fair.

The Only thought that comes to my mind is that HOPE really is Helping. Our. People. in Emergency!

Do check out the kit for yourself, before it gets sold off the shelf!

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Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!








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