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1/27/2020 6:40:15 PM (0)

This was my second visit to Rajasthan. We actually selected the location for our Group Project/Cluster as part of our college curriculum but I was more excited than the others to go because the first time I went I felt I couldn’t do justice to the beauty of the place and just had to go back to absorb the enormity of the palace of dreams. Luckily my group shared my excitement on this thought and we it was decided that we need to do more than just explore our project location. With our location being Pugal, A small village near Bikaner where we decided to put up camp, we decided to also visit Jodhpur. We were making the itinerary as we went along since we had nothing pre planned. The idea was to be impulsive and escape the routine. We had a very hectic semester and we needed this short adventure to renew our spirits. We were a group of 8 students from different parts of the country and came from varied backgrounds but were being taught to think in a similar manner in college. Our diversity is what added the color to our palatial journey. After reaching the location of our project and without wasting any time, we introduced our project to the local crafts women at Pugal. Everything went well as they understood all that we explained and discussed the aim of the project. On the third day of working with the crafts women, we decided to leave for Jodhpur while the women were working on their parts. The trip was just 2 nights and 1 day and the journey was 6-9 hrs. Fortunately, our trip dates coincided with the local festival- Rajasthan International Folk Festival. The colors, the dances the food etc, have etched a permanent memory in me and the music still plays in me on all the happy when I reminisce the journey we took. The Day after we left Pugal our first stop was Merangarh Fort and next was the Museum, where we spent half of the day there mesmerised by every nook and corner of the Fort. From architecture to the view from the fort, portraits to garments, weapons to utensils and most importantly the history was something I realized was all real. By mid-day we decided to explore Umaid Bhawan Palace. The landscape view from this location was the most mesmerizing view I had ever experienced. So after taking several pictures and videos and capturing it all in my memory, we left for the market where the girls got busy with folksy shopping from the locals and I bought an embroidered shawl for my mother. The day was coming to an end but our adventure was nowhere to a close, there was a special night event held on the foot of Merangarh Fort. As the night fell the Fort was lit up and we could see the beauty of the backdrop under starlight from even a far and the full moon made the Night Sky compliment all this creation. Several folk dances, songs were a part of this beautiful evening. This was the first time I felt as playful as stars in the night sky. Artists from different countries were invited as well and it was a very diverse performance as I noticed that even the audience was very diverse as many foreign tourists were present there. The event went on smoothly and we breathed it all in till the end. The trip ended with us feeling content and the eight us had shared an experience which will be a part of the eight of us forever. Even though we had to return to the mundane and come back to our project our hearts were united and the fond memories etched in time forever

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