Don't Be A Bully

6/19/2021 5:14:22 PM
Team Strutt

We have a very strict No Bullying Policy. The reason for that can be multifold but that’s the culture that Shruti & Vishesh have imbibed in all of us and all that join the company. The rules are simple and fair and the same for all.

We also agree that a lot more can be achieved through kindness than threats or leg-pulling or accusations. Also other than the gentle banter we have going around we never make it personal as a rule.  It's clean, simple fun.

Now the rules are the same for everyone that even includes our customers. It's not that sometimes our customers don’t get upset or that we don’t mistakes, but the ones who are kind get so much in return other than just a resolution.  Then come the ones who think by bullying us or threatening us they can get the work done. What makes me wonder here is that are they like this and do they adopt this method right at the get-go because of bad experiences at other places, or they just feel that by doing so they will get a better result. I think what they don’t realize is that they may get the Job done, but they lose out on so much more vs the ones that approach us with fairness and kindness.

Irrespective of who joins the team at whatever position, Vishesh and Shruti spend enough time with them to make them understand that the customer is always right and what that means. They teach us to understand what a customer is going through rather than just focusing on what he is saying. This helps us understand disappointment much faster and find more effective solutions. Don’t get me wrong we find a solution even for the ones who try to bully us but the ones that are kind get rewarded :)

So something happened on our Insta that inspired me to write this today. A customer reacted to a creative, just a creative on an Adhoc Design of a Map outline of the world which was not indicating any country neither did it suggest that it was a Map itself. Any way this inspired one follower to threaten us to remove that image immediately or else as supposedly his sentiments were hurt as we didn’t depict India correctly. What does “or else” even mean.  Now, we are all Patriots here, rather Vishesh belongs to a family of 3 generations of people from the armed forces and freedom fighters. Anyhow like I said it was an adhoc outline of the world and didn’t claim to be anything at all. So it may be a personal thing for this particular follower but the approach was all wrong.

 Now instead of all the threats and there were many from him, if he would have simply made a request, I know my team, they would have removed the creative or replaced it with something else but would have explained our side and had a normal conversation with this gentleman.

Ironically Shruti is the biggest bully of them all, (One day I know I will lose my job, But I have sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth :p) but fortunately for us we only see that side of her when someone threatens her. Threatening Strutt means threatening her. When she was made aware of what was happening. She immediately got our Lawyer to do her research and unleashed her after this follower.

That’s what happened, but the curiosity still remains –In the end, we still wonder, Why do people think threats work better. We are in a time where we need a constant supply of Kindness, gentle approaches, and fairness.

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