New fish in the Sea

6/17/2021 6:07:20 PM
Team Strutt

Can you imagine me at my desk with a wicked grin and fingers tapping each other while the wide-eyed newbies look at me as if I am planning to devour them, wondering who is going to be the meal of the day?

Hahaha, well that’s how I wanted to welcome the newbies, but instead, I took the kinder approach. Our New Batch of Interns joined today. So twice a year we run a YLP program for students from different design schools. Generally, it’s a batch of 4 and we run the program for four months.

This time, like everything else was evolving this also I guess had to evolve. So we got 5 interns. All for a 2 month period. When Shruti & Vishesh designed this program their objective was to exchange knowledge – The idea was to learn from the interns and teach them what they knew. The first batch was a super success and then during the second much to the world’s disappointment COVID entered our lives so couldn’t complete it.

Anyway, we’ve had some time on our hands and since then the program has evolved, the structure has become better, the tasks assigned have become a lot more interesting and the result-orientated approach has changed. Now it’s about enjoying the journey rather than worrying about reaching the destination.

Nevertheless, it's still new fish and there is no reason why we cannot have some fun. The first task was given to them and we were closely observing how many times Shruti will send them back to do the same thing again and again. While that was happening, Pragati who has now been put into a leadership position and is heading the batch was acting as a cushion for every time they were returned to get what they had to redo to get it right.

So a total of 5 were to join, 2 out of the 5 have and the other 3 are joining over the next 2 days.

Now the fun bit, as a ritual to become a part of the Strutt Cult – the other 5 in the team make these guys shuffle between the first and the third floor for menial tasks one at a time even though all of it can be given together – they claim that it's their right of passage.  After multiple rounds, they decide whom to send to get the final smoke from the chai-wala five mins away from the office and get it back up to the third floor. My heart goes out to the summer batch as its still easier for the winter batch. Don’t get me wrong am part of the 5 but still, my heart does go out to them.

So today since all 5 hadn’t joined together and since this big ritual has been revealed these guys are now planning something different especially for the 3 that didn’t join today. What it is I still don’t know, but when it happens will surely tell you.

Once they are part of the cult then comes the great big welcome party with good food, great drinks, and a lot of jokes from the day. This time the grand affair will have to be delayed till the band of Interns is complete. When the band is complete will introduce them to you as well…

Stay tuned till then :)

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