Another one Joins the Cult

6/28/2021 4:26:20 PM
Team Strutt

Well, we as a group generally consider ourselves as a cult. The selection process is tedious. The journey is rigorous and we don’t decide very fast. But when you join you Start to walk the line and if you walk in the right direction you are marked as a Strutter forever.  Once you are marked as a Strutter forever you can never leave ……hahahahahaha !!!!

Yes, to answer all your unanswered questions there is a secret society, scary rituals, plans for global domination, and hidden treasures. The Cult has it all but the secrets are only revealed once you are accepted and marked.

So the reason I am telling you all this is that we caught a new fish. Mayank has recently joined the team. He has joined as part of the marketing team and is here to dedicate his efforts to find more Strutters.

Let’s talk a little bit about Mayank. He seems like the calm sorts, not very talkative, very religious with his work. We are yet to see him laugh out loud, he generally walks around with a smile on his face doesn’t get perturbed with lots of work. Quiet in general but we are a pretty infectious lot so we are going to get to him sooner or later.  He is fond of food, which gives him a major advantage here and with us. He seems to have bonded well with the rest of the boys in the clan. Pragati and Medha are generally comfortable girls to hang out with and Vishesh and boys are yet to spend time initiating him.

It’s generally exciting to see them slowly and steadily get used to the freedom along with all the pressures of being part of a start-up. Some are just natural some have to learn, Mayank is somewhere in the middle.  I think the one thing I have realized is that if you have decided to be part of the uncertain start-up journey you need to be a self-starter. There is so much to do and so many miles to cover each day with limitations at every step, hurdles at every corner, and impossible situations in every nook – And to face all this - you need to be a solution finder and it takes a different metal to make one.

The ability to generate work for yourself, which benefits the common target that you share with the founders, Be result-oriented and try to make a difference every day. These qualities very rarely have I seen in individuals who join us, but the ones who actually care and understand the benefits of the start-up that they have joined grow quickly inculcate them.

The verdict on our new joinee is still not out and time will tell. But as a starter Lets Welcome Mayank to the world of Strutt with a great cheer and wish him luck for the future!




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