An Act of Love..!!

An Act of Love..!!

Giving a gift is an act of love .It brings two people together wherever they may be irrespective of how far apart the may be geographically. The Receiving of a gift brings a flood gate of emotions – Expectation , Surprise , Joy and a floodgate of memories. For the giver it starts much earlier .When you Shop to Surprise for something different , to get something which will bring happiness ,then to package it , to embrace the mystery of the surprise and create the perfect timing to give it – your experience in the whole process is as important as the receivers , when he receives it. Giving and receiving both have a sense of personal involvement and being happiness and fulfillment.

Know your Leather –

Know your Leather

Leather is fun – To Wear, To Carry, To Craft,To Make and to Flaunt. Today the possibilities with the types of leather are limitless. Even within the types of leather we have Animal skin, Eco friendly – Extremely high quality and Durable and leather made out of Banana leaves.

Today we are going to pick leather in its original form and talk about that. Lets talk about the types of Leather first -

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain leather retains original texture and markings that naturally occur during the lifetime of the animal and create a one of a kind look for each upholstered product.

Corrected Grain Leather

Corrected Grain Leather undergoes a process to better absorb dye and minimize the appearance of blemishes and natural leather markings on its surface..

Nubuck, also known as the Split Grain leather, is Top Grain leather where the top hair cell layer has been removed by sanding, resulting in a luxurious nap and velvet-like surface.

Aniline vs. Semi-Aniline

Aniline leather is colored by immersing hides in a dye bath with transparent dyes that fully penetrate the hide. These leathers are the most natural and often the most pristine hides are used. All surface imperfections and flaws will be visible in aniline dyed leathers.

Semi-Aniline leathers are aniline dyed with an added layer of pigment or surface coating to enhance durability and color consistency. Imperfections and flaws are still visible.

Caring for leather is as tedious as caring for your own skin. If you care for your leather well enough it can in most cases out live you.

Start with a Spot test before using any care method just like you do with products for your own skin. Do not use harsh cleaners as it can effect both the treatment of the Hide and the lasting of the Skin. For stains use a lightly damp cloth with warm water. Sometimes a mild soap and water solution can be mixed and then bottled to release the stain but don’t forget to do the spot test first. Never every scrub your leather and brushing your hide periodically with a dry cloth can do wonders.

Someone leather fan once stated – All you need is love and leather and there a quite a few who would agree.

So this one I dedicate to the love of Leather


Style Me …

Style Me …

Style is generally defined as the way of doing something,especially particular to an individual. There was a time not so long ago, where Style was defined by trends and the so called trendsetters and whoever was not in the Queue to follow was looked down upon.

Big Brands and Designers used Big names and faces to define the style of the season and somewhere you felt obligated to join the herd. However times are finally changing. With the advent of the Millennial today style has a very individualistic meaning. Today each and every Millennial defines his own sense of style with what he or his choices relate to. Influencers have a small role to play in these changing winds and this fresh breath of air leads to so many more opportunities and options to light up each and every individual independently.

Today the Millennial defines himself with so many factors from being a world traveller to a couch potato, to not having too many options in ones closet to limit the decision every morning to save time to carry something new every day . Its feels wonderful to live with this generation where options aren’t limited and lifestyles aren’t defined by one or two factors.

Racheal Zoe said – Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. That’s who the Proud Millennial is.

Start up Girl

You Never Know...

you never know

The Whole Idea of Giving a Gift to your family people is to think carefully .Very Carefully What is it that you have always wanted but didn’t want to go out and buy .Make a List Prioritize .Cut out the items you may in the near future persuade yourself to go out and buy .Cut these Out Then delete the items that the person you are planning to gift to may want . Remember your mother may end up using the hunting knife in the kitchen but what is she going to do with a fishing rod . Having Done this you are left with a list of things which actually you want . Go Shop for it ,order it , buy it and after packaging it very nicely .Pick a rose from the garden ( Have a heart you need to get something for your loved one ) Give your present with a warm kiss and the rose. Imagine their surprise at your thoughtfulness and the unique nature of your gift And your pleasure at having got what you’v always wanted .Because if your research was good they ‘r now going it to use it. But you never know!!!