About Us

Oh Darling! Grab your Coat, Leave a Note & Run Away With me...

Strutt is here to Fly, Roam, Travel, Voyage, Explore, Journey, Discover with you .... Helen Keller Said: " Life is either a daring Adventure or Nothing at al!!" , emerging as an industry leader in the Carry on Travel bags range. Strutt handcrafts a variety of Travel Bags to make your voyage a lot more exciting and fun. It explores colors, designs and utility while handcrafting each and every design.

Every-Traveller loves a Good Travel bag !

This Year, Strutt has exclusively introduced the #TravelWithMe Duffle bags range which is really making its mark in the Travellers life cycle . Most of the designs define the spirit of exploration and adventure . Whether you are a business traveller or a globe trotter, Strutt has built a reputation as a staple for every trip. Its collection has something for everyone, and The Duffle bags are a must have by every Smart Traveller who doesn't mind adding to their extremely good looks by carrying an even better looking bag.

The travel range has been Handcrafted with both Genuine Leather and Exceptional Quality Faux Leather and by using special manufacturing techniques Strutt ensures that these bags turn out elegant, beautiful and user friendly. The Utility features of the bags are perfect for all the necessary essentials that the traveller would like to carry along with him . Our range offers a budget friendly pick from an exceptionally wide variety . For all of you who want a smart companion for your travels , want to spruce up your Journeys, are tired of dull designs and want to try out something new then give The Strutt Store a try and Have a Happy Journey ahead!

We are busy "Redefining Travel" just for you!! Happy Shopping!

Our story

Our story started when 5 travellers got together a lovely evening to discuss their travel adventures. Each had a story more interesting than the other, but the one common thing that kept popping up more frequently than one would like was the difficulty they faced with the luggage they carried. To solve that problem they all decided to go on a luggage hunting spree. The five had distinctively different personalities and expectations from the bags they wanted to take on their trips and while with some options were available they just couldn't find the right fit, The right answer or even the right colour. They went back home quite disappointed with the options available that night and just couldn't come to terms with what they couldn't find. Being harrowed with that thought for a while they got together again and between the 5 young minds they found inspiration and decided to make their travel range and find a permanent innovative solution for every traveler out there and thus Began the Journey of Strutt.

Today Strutt is a leading manufacture for Leather and Non Leather bags and is on its way to Redefine Travel. Convenience is the first thing that one will notice in a Strutt Bag followed by Brilliant Design, Durable Material and Outstanding Quality.

Strutt is so confident of its Product that it offers a 90 Day replacement policy in case of any manufacturing defect.

We all hope that you enjoy using the Strutt Bag as much as we enjoyed handcrafting it for you.

The Creation Process

  1. The Inspiration of a Design - More often than not comes from observing people using their own bags
  2. Converting that design thought into a pattern digitally
  3. Creating a rudimentary sample bag to check shapes and basic structure
  4. Rectifying the pattern as per changes required
  5. Identifying the material the bag would look best in
  6. Post finalization of the finest quality material, the color of the hardware is decided
  7. After the above process -- Bag making process begins
  8. Cutting of the Material, Lining and the inner fillings
  9. The sampling team puts the cut material and the hardware pieces together to fabricate the bag
  10. The bag is tested for durability by taking it for a walk filled with a pile of bricks – The bag is further tested on its ability to brace moisture by dampening it and then stored in a dark dingy location only to take it out a few days later to clean it with a cloth.
  11. Once the bag it passes all the tests ,. The bag it goes back to the Core team to see check on the look and feel of the bag only to get a unanimous 'Go Ahead' vote of the management, before we .Once we get 3 votes on the Go ahead .We bring the bag to you.